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Vestas V236-15MW is the world's largest wind turbine - and Betech supplies seals for the turbine.
Wind energy

Seals in the world's largest wind turbine

The world's largest wind turbine, nicknamed "Blue Marlin", is 280 meters tall (that's taller than the pylons of the Great Belt Bridge!) and is produced by Vestas. But at Betech, we've also had a hand in it. We help to seal the elements of the turbine to extend the lifetime of the entire structure.

Soft inflatable silicone rubber cores are a key component in the production of innovative PABOCO paper fibre bottle packaging.

What the bottle of the future looks like

The bottle of the future is made of paper. The Paper Bottle Company - PABOCO - is working with Betech to develop paper bottles as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic or glass packaging.

Betech offers technical components and products that meet all relevant approvals and regulatory requirements for food contact materials and other industry standards.

Food Contact Materials - do you have them under control?

Do you build or repair equipment for food production and processing? Then you need to choose the right Food Contact Materials for gaskets and seals - and ensure that your product meets regulatory requirements, standards and approvals.

Betech provides solutions for the automation industry

Smart robot ideas for your business

If you, like us, are interested in following the development of smart robot solutions, let's meet at R-24 in Odense. Also read about critical factors and quality components for robots and automation.

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