Vibration dampers

Do you want to avoid unnecessary noise and damaging vibrations from machines that rotate and vibrate?

At Betech, we have a wide range of effective vibration dampers that:

What type of vibration damper should you choose?

There are several types of vibration dampers, all aimed at reducing noise and vibration nuisance.

Together we'll find the best solution for your business needs by looking at:

Get a damper that fits your machine

At Betech, we specialize in creating customized solutions. If you have a special need, we will work with you to find the best solution for the job.

Custom-made buffers and rubber dampers

We can supply standard types sized for the purpose, but we also custom design and manufacture dampers and rubber buffers in our own factory, so you're always assured of high-quality products with the right functionality - delivered on time.

Here are our vibration dampers

There are several types of vibration dampers to suit different types of machines. Here you can see a selection of our vibration dampers:

Rubber and puree buffers

Rubber and PUR buffers - from Betech

Buffers in many designs that absorb all kinds of shocks and impacts from larger objects. Load both axially and radially. Particularly suitable for the tool and machinery industry.

Machine shoes

Machine shoes - from Betech

Machine shoes require no anchoring to the floor. They solve vibration problems by reducing or eliminating the disruptive effects of machine shaking.

Elastomer springs

Elastomer springs - from Betech

Urelast springs have high elasticity and are resistant to oil. This makes them very suitable for the tool and machinery industry. They are unbreakable and have a long lifespan.

Air dampers

Air dampers - from Betech

Air dampers are high-capacity dampers with a low (installation) profile. They are often used for particularly demanding shock and vibration isolation.

Universal dampers

Universal dampers can be used for most machines, such as pumps, compressors, transmissions, generators and motors.

Sealing solutions for rotating equipment

Complete range of high-end quality mechanical shaft seals (agitator and cartridge seals, pusher, split and bellow seals) and braided gaskets for both manufacturers (OEM) and service companies (MRO) - with associated experienced technical support.

Want to learn more about our solutions?

The products on these pages are examples from our almost limitless universe of possible product solutions.

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