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Materials, components and parts used in medical devices, clinical devices, assistive devices and the like often have to meet numerous requirements and standards. At Betech, we specialize in material selection and product solutions for the Medtech/medical industry. We know the applicable requirements and can give you qualified advice on material selection and grades.

You get custom-designed solutions that:

  • Fits your business needs
  • Complies with all requirements and regulations for the medtech/medico sector
  • Improves your company's competitiveness


We believe that the right solutions - gaskets, seals, PTFE parts, silicone and rubber parts, etc. - improve your company's products and thus your competitiveness.

In-house production facilities ensure high standards

We have many years of experience developing and producing components and materials for medtech/medical companies, so we know the needs and challenges of the industry.

At Betech you'll find all options for industrial gaskets, seals, PTFE parts and rubber and silicone parts molded from high-performance elastomers.

We also develop new products in collaboration with you and produce them at our own production facilities. This is your guarantee that the products meet the applicable standards and are delivered on time.

Components that meet all requirements and standards

Want to make sure you avoid costly misinvestments in components that don't meet the requirements of the medtech and medical industry anyway? 

Betech offers product solutions with materials and manufacturing conditions that meet all standards, approvals and regulations that may be relevant for medical devices, clinical devices and tools, personal care products and more:

International standards and approvals


Drinking water


High quality products and service

It's important to us that you receive high-quality products and advice. That's why our quality management system is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, ensuring high standards in product design, production and service.

Material qualities and properties are documented with adequate data sheets and certificates of origin.

We perform measurement reports on critical dimensions and produce according to ISO 3302-1 (Tolerances for rubber and silicone products), DIN 7715-5 (Tolerances for rubber stampings and cut-outs), DIN 61206 (Tolerances for needle felt/wool felt) and GKV tolerances for PTFE/plate materials. Finer product tolerances or requests for special surface properties and finishes can usually be met upon request.

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