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Industrial and static seals, sealing solutions for dynamic applications, molded rubber gaskets, rubber bellows, vibration dampers and other polymer-based products.

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Industrial gaskets

Flange gaskets, flat gaskets, machine gaskets, rubber gaskets, steel gaskets, rubber-steel gaskets and more are static seals for pipe and flange joints, engine housings, machines, hatches and more.

O-rings and rubber seals

O-rings and X-rings are probably the simplest and most versatile types of seals. They are often used in static applications but are also widely used in dynamic sealing systems. Clamp gaskets and Bonded seals are other popular types of rubber seals.

Molded rubber parts

Molded rubber parts often serve as seals, shock and vibration dampers or as membranes, pipes and hoses for fluid transportation and media control. Rubber and silicone also form functional or decorative elements in furniture and other industrial design.

Braided gaskets

The braided gasket is an indispensable seal for dynamic applications such as pumps, valves and other rotating equipment in industrial process plants.

Mechanical shaft seals

Mechanical shaft seals - heavy duty seals - are unique for rotating equipment in challenging environments where more conventional packing rings and rod seals don't provide sufficient, consistent sealing.

Rotating rod seals

Oil seals, V-rings and lip seals are designed to prevent leakage of oil, grease and lubricants in addition to preventing particles from contaminating and destroying the rotating application.

Sealing systems consisting of rod and piston seals, wipers and guide bands for power transmission equipment with linear dynamics such as actuators or pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.

Rubber bellows and protectors

Rubber bellows and flexible guards extend the life of moving machine parts by keeping dust, dirt and other debris away. The bellows also protect operators and others from injury.

Vibration dampers

Machine shoes, buffers and vibration dampers minimize machine noise and vibrations, extend the lifespan of machinery and provide a better physical working environment. Betech's wide range covers most applications.

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