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Do you need your product or machinery to seal tight, last longer, perform better, be protected or damped? We'll create the right solution.

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Choosing the wrong components can be costly. Betech has been providing solutions for industrial products, machinery and plants for more than a hundred years - and we know how to improve your product too.


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Betech is a partner that emphasizes personal collaboration. Vast know-how and strong capabilities in material knowledge, manufacturing methods and application engineering have been accumulated over decades among our dedicated frontline and back-office employees.

First and foremost, you'll meet our consultants, internal coordinators and product experts, but also in production and supply chain, dedicated employees make sure things happen and the goods reach you - in the right quality and on time.

production in our own factories

At its own factories in Denmark and China, Betech specializes in cutting gaskets, seals and other components from sheet materials as well as moulding technical rubber parts - offering a highly versatile and flexible production with full control over both process and quality assurance.

No one can be a world champion in all disciplines. That's why we complement our range with product specialties from a diverse network of renowned manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, the USA and the Far East. 

That way, in Betech you get a capable and reliable supplier of seals and functional polymer products for your business in Scandinavia, Europe or Asia.


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Solutions for machinery, plant and industry for more than 100 years


We are ISO 9001 certified and deliver according to industry standards or agreed quality targets


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