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Terms & conditions, VAT and bank details

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Credit rating

AAA - highest credit rating

Betech has achieved the highest credit rating 'AAA' continuously for 5-9 years.

Verified by Bisnode / Dun & Bradstreet

DUNS No. 305109563

AAA: Highest credit rating continuously for 5-9 years

Conditions of sale, terms of delivery

General Terms and Conditions, Betech A/S

Any agreement for the delivery of a service or product from Betech is subject to the "General Terms and Conditions", unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.

VAT number / DUNS number / Bank account details


CVR (VAT) number:
(DK) 10611342


Dun & Bradstreet, DUNS number: 305109563


Danske Bank A/S
Holmens kanal, 2-12
DK-1092 Copenhagen

transfers in DKK

Reg. No.: 3274 Account no: 3274026499 SWIFT: DABADKK IBAN: DK0230003274026499

transfers in EUR

Reg. No.: 2191
Account no: 3274026944
IBAN: DK1530003274026944

USD transfers

Reg. No.: 2191
Account no: 3274026502
IBAN: DK1830003274026502

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