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Durable protection and seals for mechanical equipment

In a constantly evolving world, automation and industrial robots have become an indispensable part of the industrial landscape. These technologies are essential for maintaining competitiveness and efficiency in many sectors, including manufacturing, logistics and service industries.


Industrial robots are designed to perform repetitive tasks with high precision, consistency and complexity in dynamic environments such as assembly, packaging, welding or soldering, spray painting and inspection.

There are several critical factors that OEMs, subcontractors and service companies must consider when developing, producing and configuring automation solutions.

Speed and precision are essential to perform tasks efficiently. The ability to integrate with other systems and technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is crucial for the flexibility and versatility of the equipment.

Finally, robustness and durability are also important. Automation must be able to withstand demanding working conditions and provide a good return on investment with a long lifespan. This requires high quality in both design and manufacturing, as well as regular maintenance and service.

Polymer products are key components

Ultimately, the success of automation and industrial robots relies on a combination of advanced technology, skilled engineering, durable quality components and proper maintenance.

Betech is the ideal partner and supplier of polymer-based components for your automation equipment.

Machine gaskets and static seals

Flat machine gaskets and static seals are essential to ensure robotic and automatic systems can operate efficiently and safely. The following properties can be critical:

Durability: Gaskets and seals must be able to withstand the conditions given by the technical design and the working environment of the equipment - e.g. high temperatures, pressure and corrosive materials.

Precision: Gaskets must fit precisely to ensure optimal performance and prevent leakage or ingress of harmful particles.

Compatibility: Seals must be resistant to the materials and any liquids they come into contact with.

Dynamic seals

Dynamic seals are used in and between parts that turn, rotate or have a linear motion relative to each other. They must be able to withstand wear and movement over time. The following properties can be critical:

Flexibility: Seals should be flexible enough to allow movement, but robust enough to resist wear and tear.

Durability: Seals must be able to withstand long-term use without losing their sealing properties or other functionality.

Precision: Seals must fit precisely to ensure optimal performance and prevent leakage or ingress of harmful particles.

Rubber and silicone moulded parts

Molded parts made of technical rubber are used in many different parts of robots and automation, typically in moving parts or in structures. Critical factors can be:

Strength: The rubber part must be strong enough to withstand the forces it is subjected to.

Durability: The rubber part must be able to withstand wear and tear and aging.

Compatibility: The rubber part must be compatible with the other materials it comes into contact with.

Vibration dampers and machine feet

Vibration dampers and machine feet can be incorporated into automation equipment to control and minimize vibration and noise. They also help protect the floor and other surfaces. Critical factors include:

Efficiency: The damper effectively absorbs vibrations and noise.

Durability: The damper must be able to withstand long-term use without losing its damping properties.

Stability: The damper must be stable and correctly dimensioned so that the equipment is firm and safe during operation.


Betech offers powerful, versatile solutions for the needs of the automation industry.

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