Innovative paper bottle shaped by soft rubber core



An inflatable silicone core from Betech is one of the creative components and plays a key role in the production of the paper fiber bottle packaging that will in the future contain and protect beverages, soaps, dressings, oils and more for world-renowned brand manufacturers.



Drinks and beverages


Form molding / fmolding

Soft rubber balloon is one of the secrets

Since 2019, the Danish joint venture Paper Bottle Company - PABOCO - has been working on developing a recyclable bottle made from FSC-certified fibers. The bottle is expected to be an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic and glass packaging found in the largest and most widely used consumer products. The paper bottle is now being tested in several markets and PABOCO is ready to scale up production.

Shaping the pulp material for the fiber-based packaging solutions is one of PABOCO's innovative key technologies. An inflatable silicone core from Betech is one of the creative components and plays a central role in the production of the paper fiber bottle packaging that will in future contain and protect beverages, soap products, dressings, oils, etc. for world-renowned brand manufacturers.

Quick and cost-effective silicone part designs

"Our collaboration with Betech has centered around the development of an essential component for our paper bottle production. Betech has been the right partner to quickly and cost-effectively iterate on designs for molded silicone parts. This has given us great progress on our path to scaling up our production. "

The bottle is molded over a silicone core

PABOCO has come an incredibly long way since its inception, with Betech contributing in recent years to the development of a flexible, hollow and reusable silicone rubber core. Betech's expertise in elastomers and advanced rubber molding has contributed to PABOCO's development of an efficient and reliable production technique that enables the shaping of the unique paper bottles - both standard types and in the individual designs that represent a distinctive characteristic and great brand value for brand manufacturers.

The collaboration between PABOCO and Betech includes the selection of a suitable material, variable design options, manufacturing of casting tools for hollow parts, and optimization of process parameters at Betech's factory where PABOCO's smart bottle cores are manufactured.

Well-known global companies test the packaging novelty

Global brands such as The Absolut Company, Carlsberg, L'Oréal, Coca Cola and Procter & Gamble have launched product and consumer trials of the paper bottle around the world. The latest generation of the PABOCO bottle consists of 57% biofiber and 43% polymer film made from recycled PET. The goal is to mass produce a 100% bio-based bottle with a thin film made from degradable PEF bioplastic. Series production of the next generation paper bottle is scheduled for the end of 2024 and the goal is to deliver more than 20 million paper bottles by the end of 2025.


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