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What you need to know about your polymer specialist

Betech A/S employs around 70 people and specializes in products based on rubber and other polymeric materials: seals and gaskets, hoses and profiles, molded rubber parts, bellows, vibration dampers and other technical components.

Betech works closely and under the same management with its sister company Codan Tech in China. With our own factories in Denmark and China, sales department in Norway, representative in India and a diverse network of specialized manufacturers worldwide, we are possibly the most versatile and agile supplier of seals and polymer products to industry in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia.

Betech operates from 5 locations in four countries

Sales & support, Production, Warehouse & distribution

Sales & support, Purchasing, Accounting, Administration

Sales & support

Sales & support, Production, Warehouse & distribution

Sales representation

Roots back to early industry in Denmark

Betech - as the company is today - was created on April 1, 2015 through a merger of the two Danish sister companies Codan Tech and Betech Seals. All sales activities and specialties of the two companies were then continued in Betech - one united company with a focus on contributing to the continued development and improvement of customers' technical products.

Codan Tech, with roots dating back to 1908, was known for more than 100 years as a competent and market-driven manufacturer of molded silicone and rubber parts for industry and commerce.

The Betech Seals story began in 1922, first as a tool shop and then as a trading house and manufacturer of gaskets, gasket materials, seals, technical profiles, moldings, bellows and vibration dampers.

Betech turned one hundred years old in 2022

We consider the year of origin of our company to be 1922, when the trading company Ferd. Johansen was established - even though our roots go back to 1908 and the pioneers of the Danish rubber industry.

In 2022, we celebrated Betech's 100th anniversary and published a beautiful anniversary booklet. With a total of 15 historical milestones, the booklet charts the company's culture and development from its humble beginnings to the Betech we know today: The specialist in gaskets, seals, molded rubber and other polymer-based products.

Addwind - our representation in India

In collaboration with four other Addtech companies, Betech has established a sales office in Chennai, in southeast India.

The common denominator for the group of companies is that they all have a highly relevant product range for the wind turbine industry - and for a number of years have been supplying special solutions to the industry in Europe, China, USA and South and Central America.

As activity in India continues to grow, the local Addwind representative - Country Sales Manager, C.Nachiappan Chockalingam - will pave the way for the participating companies' engagement with renewable energy OEMs and subcontractors in India.

The companies in the Addwind Group

Addtech - A value-creating technology group

Betech is owned by the international technology group Addtech, which comprises 150 companies in the Nordic region, the rest of Europe, North America and Asia with specializations in five areas: Automation, Electrification, Energy, Industrial Solutions and Process Technology - where Betech is part of the latter business area.

Betech is part of the Process Technology division of Addtech AB, which is listed on OMX Stockholm.

Addtech is driven by both large megatrends and smaller niche trends and supports the development towards a sustainable society and industry.

Our mission is to create solutions with added value

We always aim to create added value for our customers. This happens with one or more creations that improve your product, machine or plant - and perhaps enable a new, innovative idea?

We call it: Improving Your Products - and the clear mission often manifests itself in the form of one or more improvements to the customer's product and business:

The solution may be obvious or more complicated, but the mission is always the same: Working with Betech increases your company's competitiveness through product improvements or more profitable operations and production.

Certifications and credit rating

ISO 9001:2015

Betech is ISO 9001 certified according to the 2015 standard. Certificate for quality assurance and management according to ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001:2015 applicable to product design, production and sales.

Smiley face

Betech stores and handles materials that may come into contact with food in end-user applications. Therefore, Betech is subject to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's "Smiley" inspection scheme.

See food inspection results and the last four inspection reports here.

Highest credit rating

Betech has achieved the highest credit rating 'AAA' continuously for 5-9 years.

Verified by Bisnode / Dun & Bradstreet

DUNS No. 305109563

AAA: Highest credit rating continuously for 5-9 years

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