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For customers in all sectors of industry, Betech provides innovative thinking and solid solutions for demanding applications and special needs. With a vast experience base, good solutions don't have to be rediscovered, and Betech's technical expertise ensures safe progress and strong results for you and your projects. 

Find out more about the sectors and industries that use gaskets, seals, technical rubber parts, vibration dampers and more from Betech.

Process industry

Safety and efficient uptime are everything in the offshore, extraction and process industries. You need to be able to rely on high, precise quality materials and component manufacturing. Betech fully understands the critical parameters.

Equipment for beverage, dairy and food sorting or processing is designed for efficient production, high capacity, hygiene and safe quality. This places special demands on all machine components.


Learn more about Betech and the bio-pharma industry
Biotech and pharmaceutical are distinctive process industries where gaskets, dynamic seals and functional polymer components are critical parts in stainless steel piping, pumps, mixers, boilers, tanks and dosing systems.

Wind energy

Betech is a supplier to the international wind turbine industry.

Together with skilled engineers at leading players in the wind turbine industry, Betech has for decades developed and delivered solid, innovative solutions for the industry that plays a key role in the global green transition.


Betech is a supplier to the energy and utilities industry.

Efficient seals for pipe and flange joints, heat exchangers, turbines, flue gas systems, pumps and valves contribute to high utilization rates, efficient distribution and minimal emissions in CHP plants, biogas plants and other energy and utility industries.

Maritime industry

In the shipbuilding and marine industry, there is a lot at stake. Extreme temperatures, steam, pressure and oil, as well as salt water, sunlight, ozone, frost and heat, wear and tear and impact challenge machinery and equipment.

Automation and industrial robots have become an indispensable part of the industrial landscape. Just like the applications, the individual components must also meet high precision, durability and continuous operation.


Betech is a supplier to machine builders and engineering companies.

Engineering companies, machine and cylinder builders are important players in overall industrial production - both as manufacturers to end users or system suppliers to OEMs or service companies.


Betech is a supplier to the agrotech and machinery industry.

Manufacturing reliable machinery and efficient equipment plays a crucial role in the mechanized and automated livestock, agriculture and forestry industries.


Materials, components and parts used in medical devices, clinical equipment, assistive devices and the like often need to meet requirements and standards. Betech specializes in material selection and product solutions for the Medtech/medical industry.


Betech is a supplier to the electronics and appliance industry.

Betech provides components made of cellular foam, silicone, rubber and more that seal or insulate and can meet international standards in food contact, fire or tightness classes for use in electrical appliances and electronic products.

Industrial design

Betech is a supplier to the furniture and design industry.

Companies that develop and manufacture furniture, handicrafts, interior products, tools, etc. use elastomeric parts for either a mechanical-functional purpose or as a design element.

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