Food Contact Materials - do you have them under control?

Do you build or repair food production and processing equipment?

Then you need to choose the right Food Contact Materials for e.g. gaskets and seals - and ensure that your product meets regulatory requirements, standards and approvals.

Need advice on material selection? We are specialists and always ready to talk about how we can optimize your product.

Does your product come into contact with food?

If you're already producing food processing equipment, you know that there are high demands on the equipment in terms of food safety:

  • cleanliness
  • extreme temperatures
  • aggressive cleaning

But are you safe and secure with the components you carry? Do they comply with all relevant approvals, standards and regulations for food and beverage contact equipment?

You can find more information about approved materials and components suitable for food contact here.

rubber parts, gaskets and seals with the relevant approvals

If you want to be sure that your product meets all standards and approvals, you should ensure that the entire product - including its components - does.

At Betech you can get gaskets and static seals such as clamp gaskets and o-rings made from high-quality silicone, rubber and other polymers for pipe joints, flanges, hatches and covers. As well as mechanical shaft seals for your pumps, mixers, agitators or other rotating equipment.

We advise on material selection and know which standards and approvals are relevant for your product.

Read more about what Betech can do for you if you manufacture equipment for the food industry here.

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