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We always aim to create added value for our customers. This happens with one or more creations that improve your product, machine or plant - and perhaps enable a new, innovative idea?

The solution may be obvious or more complicated, but the mission is always the same: Working with Betech increases your company's competitiveness through product improvements or more profitable operations and production.

Here you will find a selection of customer references and examples of product solutions from many industries - cases that show how Betech practices the mission - improving your products - in a wide variety of applications.

Innovative paper bottle shaped by soft rubber core 

An inflatable silicone core plays a key role in the production of the paper bottles that will contain and protect popular beverages, soaps, dressings, oils and more.

Crops are cleaned by energetic bouncing rubber balls

A cluster of rigorously tested rubber balls play a tireless role in separating impurities from the valuable crops.

Repair your pump - it's good for the environment and your wallet

It pays to renovate rather than buy new: with a fresh shaft seal and experienced craftsmanship, the leaky pump was given a new lease of life and is running smoothly again.

Faster installation, longer service intervals and zero leaks

A fragile graphite gasket is replaced by a robust kammprofile: Gas Storage Denmark avoids leaks and scheduled maintenance is carried out 75 percent faster than before.

Multifunctional gasket for pitch control in wind turbines

By rethinking the existing design of an oil tank, the idea for a completely new molded gasket is born. The design becomes simpler and the quality of the entire hydraulic system is significantly improved.

Rubber gasket for smart solution: Protecting the aquatic environment from microplastics from ball fields

Protecting the aquatic environment from microplastics from ball fields

Granules from synthetic turf account for up to a fifth of all microplastics in Norway. A smart granulate collector from Ulefos effectively puts an end to the pollution. Betech supplies the rubber seals for the solution.

Flange seal for ice-cold liquefied gas: Eco-friendly ferry refuels in under 15 minutes

Eco-friendly ferry refuels in under 15 minutes

The Hou-Sælvig route is the first Danish domestic ferry to run on liquefied natural gas. A special flange seal is part of the high-speed LNG refueling system.

Vacuum toilet goes the distance with durable rubber valve

By significantly increasing the quality of a subsystem, the renowned train toilet can now roll into markets where Semvac previously had to give way to competitors.

Live gas detector effectively protected by rubber cover

A personal gas detector is an expensive but vital piece of protection. Vestteknikk has produced a practical rubber cover for the popular device, giving the user extra security against damaging blows and malfunctions.

Metal-rubber casting: Unique rocker bracket for Norwegian armchairs

Unique rocker bracket for comfortable Norwegian armchairs

Simpler logistics. More efficient production. Unique quality. Improved customer experience. Brunstad has achieved all this by putting the Tilter® tilt bracket in their popular armchairs.

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