Molded rubber parts

Molded rubber parts come in many different shapes and sizes and are used in a wide range of applications. Some of the most common types of molded rubber parts and rubber-to-metal bonded components usually have a mechanical function or act as insulators, seals, membranes, valves, hoses.

Rubber parts are typically produced by compression or injection molding in molds. Because Betech has an extensive base of different rubber types and specialty compounds, it is possible to select the exact set of properties for the molded component that best suits the application.

What is technical rubber?

Technical rubber is a term for functional rubber components used in industrial applications. Technical rubber covers many types and grades of rubber materials that are characterized by their durability, flexibility and resistance to various environmental conditions and impacts. These unique and diverse properties make rubber and silicone rubber ideal for use in various industries, including the construction of industrial machinery, production of industrial products and functional subcomponents.

Access many rubber grades - and special approvals

Rubber components are known for their durability, flexibility and resistance to various environmental conditions. They can withstand high temperatures, pressure, and chemicals, making them ideal for use in demanding industrial applications. In addition, rubber components can also be designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements, making them highly versatile. This could be special requirements for food contact, drinking water, fire class and more.

Achieve improved performance, reliable operation and longer lifespan

Molded rubber parts are used in a wide range of industries, including the construction of industrial machinery, production of industrial products and components. The role of the rubber part is often to act as a gasket, seal, protective bellows, shock or vibration damper, diaphragm, pipe or hose for the control and transportation of fluids and other media. In this way, rubber components play a crucial role in many different types of machinery and equipment, helping to improve their performance, increase reliability and extend their lifespan.

Continuous development of technology and materials

With the constant technological development and innovation in the industry, there is an increasing demand for more advanced and efficient rubber components. This includes the development of new types of rubber with improved properties, as well as the use of increasingly advanced manufacturing techniques to produce more complex and precise rubber parts. 

In addition, there is also an increasing focus on the use of more environmentally friendly materials and climate impacts throughout the value and supply chain.

Where can you use moulded rubber parts?

Molded rubber components often play a critical functional role. Their primary function is to ensure machines and equipment operate efficiently and safely. Here are some of the most common functions that molded rubber components perform in various industrial applications:


Molded rubber used as sealing and insulation

Rubber components designed as gaskets and seals are used to prevent leakage of liquids and gases in machinery and equipment. They ensure that there is a tight connection or separation between different parts, which is essential to ensure the efficiency and safety of these systems.


Molded rubber used as shock absorption

Rubber components in the form of dampers and bellows are used to absorb shocks and vibrations. This is particularly important in machinery and equipment that are exposed to high levels of mechanical stress, as it helps extend their lifespan and prevent damage.


Molded rubber used for protection and reinforcement

In many cases, rubber components are used to protect sensitive parts of machinery and equipment. They can also be used to reinforce structures and improve their resistance to various forms of stress.


Molded rubber used for flexibility and movement

Rubber components in the form of bellows, compensators and covers allow machinery and equipment to move and adapt to different conditions. This is essential for many applications where machines and equipment need to be able to adapt and work efficiently in different conditions.

Personal protection

Molded rubber used as protection against injury

With a shielding and enclosing function, the molded, flexible components can also prevent operators and other people from coming into direct contact with dangerous machine parts.


Molded rubber used in media transport and flow control

Rubber and silicone components play a crucial role in systems that handle, separate and transport liquids and other liquid media:

  • Hoses and pipes: Rubber hoses and pipes are often used to transport different types of liquids and gases. They are known for their flexibility and resistance to different types of media, making them ideal for this type of application.

  • Pipe seals and gaskets: To maintain efficient, reliable operation, it is crucial to prevent leakage in systems or machinery that handle or use liquid media. Cast gaskets and seals can be the right solution where there is a pronounced need for asymmetrical design, metal casting, large part thicknesses or very fine tolerances.

  • Diaphragms and valves: Rubber components are also used in valves and diaphragms that control the flow of liquids and gases.

Miniature and large format casting

Betech can offer production based on all common manufacturing technologies - such as micro molding for hearing aids and other small, advanced electronics products - or large format molding of parts up to 2,000 mm length/diameter for the heavier industries such as machine building, offshore and shipbuilding, and energy and utilities.

SDG initiatives

Betech works with specific SDG initiatives that include reducing energy consumption for transportation of goods and ensuring decent, safe working conditions and responsible production among subcontractors and partners.

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