Reliable Vacuum Toilet for trains around the world



Semvac's high-tech vacuum toilets are already widely recognized, but by significantly increasing the quality of a central subsystem, the sanitary system can now roll into markets where Semvac has previously had to give way to competitors.







Vacuum system

Train and track technology

The challenge

Semvac manufactures compact vacuum toilets for modern railcars in most of the world. For many years, Betech has supplied a molded rubber valve that opens and closes when emptying the toilet bowl. 

In its collaboration with a European train manufacturer, Semvac wants the system approved for a higher class of trains, including the latest generation of high-speed trains, the ICNG class. 

But this requires the valve to be tested to a whopping 300,000 trouble-free suctions - which is roughly a 50 percent increase in the guaranteed service interval.

The solution

To ensure the desired quality and durability, Betech has worked with Semvac's development department to adjust both the vacuum system and the rubber bellows (valve) design. 

The change has led to a simplification of the toilet's design, and with a new casting tool, the molded valve has also been optimized so that the application can meet the requirement for lifetime extension and reliability.

Added value for the customer

The new solution means that the critical rubber bellows subsystem now performs with a large safety margin in relation to the required quality. 

The lifespan of the application is extended to such an extent that Semvac gains a competitive edge and can sell the vacuum toilets to a new market segment.

It's fascinating...

" The development work with Betech has been a great success: With the convincing test results from both our own test rigs and one of the largest European train manufacturers, the application has been approved - and we are a big step forward with our know-how technology for the new High Speed Intercity train class.


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