Flexible bellows and protectors

for cylinders, machinery, and lifting equipment

Bellows are versatile components used in a variety of industrial applications. They are primarily used to protect moving machine parts from dust, dirt and other contaminating or damaging elements, minimizing the risk of downtime and extending the life of the machine. 

In addition, bellows improve safety by preventing operators and other people from coming into contact with moving machine parts.

Bellows protect both the machinery and the operator

Choose a pod that suits your needs

The standard range of bellows at Betech includes four types. Each type of bellows has its unique properties and uses, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications:

You get more benefits with good quality bellows

Folding bellows are versatile and durable

Bellows made from materials such as Molerit® or Chloroprene are the most common types. Molerit® is a unique thermoplastic rubber-like material with good chemical resistance. It is extremely weatherproof but has limited resistance to oils and grease. Chloroprene, on the other hand, is weatherproof and has high acid and solvent resistance.

Rubber disc bellows are compact and efficient

Rubber disc bellows are designed to take up minimal space when compressed. They are made from rubber discs that are vulcanized together, making them extremely compact when the protected, moving machine part closes or contracts. These bellows are made from Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM), which is reasonably resistant to oil and chemicals and has exceptional weather resistance.

What material should you choose for your bellows?

The choice of material for bellows and flexible protectors depends on the specific application and environmental conditions.


Molerit® is a unique thermoplastic material often used for bellows due to its rubber-like properties and good resistance to chemicals. 

The material is extremely weather resistant, making it suitable for outdoor applications. However, it has limited resistance to oils and grease, making it less ideal for applications involving these substances.

Chloroprene (CR)

Chloroprene, another common material for folding bellows, is weatherproof and has high resistance to acids and solvents, making it suitable for harsher environments. 

It can withstand a wide range of temperatures, which also makes it versatile for different applications.

Chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSM)

Rubber disc bellows, on the other hand, are made from Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM), which is reasonably resistant to oil and chemicals and has exceptional weather resistance. 

CSM is the commonly used material in rubber disc bellows, ideal for applications where the bellows need to be as compact as possible when the movement mechanism retracts or closes and the bellows are compressed.

Find your standard bellows in the e-shop

In our e-shop you'll find Scandinavia's largest online selection of the four popular types of bellows: Cylindrical folding bellows, conical folding bellows, single folding bellows (sleeves) and the compact rubber disk bellows. 

Flexible and durable rubber bellows for automation, actuators, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic lifts, lifting and transportation equipment and other machine protection.

Bellows are an integral part of your machine design

Bellows are increasingly being integrated into machine design. They not only protect moving parts, but also serve as ideal covers for various purposes. With their flexible folds, bellows can easily adapt to different sizes, giving machinery an attractive finish.

Custom-made bellows and protectors for your machine design

In addition to the standard range of bellows, Betech also manufactures bellows and protectors to customer-specific requirements for size, material, shape and color. This gives you greater flexibility in design and application - and ensures that the bellows fit perfectly into the machinery and function optimally, giving your unique applications optimal performance, protection and durability.

Customized bellows and protectors can be designed to withstand specific environmental conditions and be a positive, contributing element to the aesthetic design of the machinery.

Custom-made bellows and protectors will often be one of the following four types:

Molded rubber bellows and compensators

Molded rubber bellows and compensators are produced by compression molding in NBR, CR or other suitable rubber types in a mold. Due to the production method, the molded bellows is most relevant for larger quantities and regular, recurring needs. Material selection, design and manufacturing of the molding tool is done in collaboration with Betech's product experts.

Rotated PTFE bellows and compensators

Turned PTFE bellows and compensators made by turning in PTFE are typically used in applications where the special chemical-resistant property or food contact approval of the PTFE material is critical. Material selection, design and manufacturing can be done with the help of Betech's product experts.

Sewn bellows - Rod Protection Cover™

Sewn bellows - Rod Protection Cover™ - are typically used to shield hydraulic or pneumatic systems, protecting the piston rod from external particles and scratching, damaging impacts. A through-opening on the long side and strong Velcro or strap closures ensure easy installation without the need to disassemble the cylinder and system.

Bellows and mudguards

Square box bellows and cradle guards are typically used in scissor lift applications where the environment needs to be protected on all sides from crushing and contact with the moving parts. Bellows are also used to protect and shield moving cradles.

Get effective and versatile protection

One of the key benefits of bellows and flexible guards is their versatility. They can be used in a wide range of applications, from protecting moving machine parts to acting as shielding covers for a variety of mechanical applications. The materials and characteristic folded structure make it easy to customize the size of the bellows, making even standard bellows suitable for many industrial applications.

The right pods are important for safety

Bellows play a crucial role in improving safety in industrial environments. By shielding or covering moving machine parts, they prevent operators and other people from coming into contact with these potentially dangerous parts. Therefore, an intact and correctly fitted bellows helps to reduce the risk of injury. This makes them an essential component in any machine where people are on or near moving machine parts, mechanics and automation equipment.


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