Crops are cleaned by energetic bouncing rubber balls



A cluster of rigorously tested rubber balls play a tireless role in separating soil and impurities from the valuable crops.



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The challenge

For Cimbria, a world-renowned Danish manufacturer of food processing equipment and machinery, it's all about offering excellent efficiency and purity in the cleaning of grains, seeds, kernels and legumes.

In a series of cleaning and sorting machines, Cimbria has developed a unique system to beat and separate the impurities from the valuable seeds, kernels, etc.The system utilizes a large number of rubber balls, but with food contact and high quality requirements, Cimbria sought a partner who could ensure a well-defined, consistent quality in both rubber type and manufacturing - and stable deliveries of the critical balls.

The solution

Against the underside of the perforated screen that separates impurities from the crops, the white rubber balls bounce in a completely random pattern, effectively knocking the screen clean of trapped grains of sand, soil and the like that now fall through the perforations. The larger, cleaned crops remain on the screen for further sorting, weighing, etc.

By consulting with Betech, the optimal rubber compound was identified and a precise specification of the balls was developed. To ensure that the new cleaning balls meet the high requirements and contribute positively to Cimbria's overall quality brand, they were subjected to a 1,000-hour functional test - and the rubber balls passed the long-term test.

Added value for the customer

With a durable, abrasion and oil-resistant food-grade NR rubber, Cimbria has made a safe choice for this smart but critical bouncing ball application.

To the layman, it may seem surprising and a little strange, but the solution is truly effective and complies with food safety regulations.

By passing the 1,000-hour functional test with no signs of altered properties, the rubber balls promise a very high and consistent quality.

When creating a new precision molding tool, Cimbria also took the opportunity to have their logo engraved into the tool and exposed on the surface of each ball. A detail that provides great branding value, but also ensures reliable operation and best results for customers, as it can be clearly identified that only original, verified balls are used in the ingenious machinery.

It's fascinating...

" It's fascinating to work with a customer like Cimbria who demands such a high level of quality in every part and function of their products. 
We are proud to be able to meet those demands. With our knowledge of elastomers and processing into finished, functional parts, we contribute to their success in the food industry. "


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