Qualified advice

about materials, design and application

Want to make sure you get the optimal solution for your company's industrial gaskets, seals, molded rubber parts made from high-performance elastomers and other polymer-based products? 

Betech provides the right advice to ensure you get a solution that fits your needs.

In addition to advising on material selection and custom design, we produce solutions from our extensive range of compound and gasket materials.

Get the optimal solution for your business

At Betech, we create optimal, reliable and durable solutions for many different industries. We specialize in polymer-based products and can always advise you on the best solution for your business. That way you can:

Quality solutions increase the attractiveness of your product

What does it take for your business to perform optimally and increase competitiveness through your product or service? 

We provide qualified advice on a daily basis to companies in the pharmaceutical, food, energy and many other industries.

Our mission is to make your products better. That's why we offer advice on material selection, so you can find a solution that, for example:

  • Approved for food contact
  • Approved for contact with drinking water
  • Suitable for oils and acids
  • Meets the relevant fire ratings
  • Suitable for low or high operating temperatures
  • Withstands the elements - and other harsh environments

Support based on your needs

Does your company manufacture abroad?

Requirements and standards for materials can vary between countries and regions. That's why the right advice is crucial. At Betech, you get advice based on your company's specific needs to avoid costly mistakes and mispurchases.

You are an expert in your field, and together we will find the solution that makes the most sense for your business - both technically and financially.

Want industry-specific advice?

Rules and regulations depend on your industry. We've been advising professionals for years:

Single-source procurement

At Betech, you'll find Denmark's widest range of technical products and materials for industry. You can therefore consolidate several of your company's purchases and save time and resources on industrial gaskets, seals, rubber parts molded from high-performance elastomers and other polymer-based products.

Own factories and renowned manufacturers

We custom design and manufacture your products at our own production facilities or source from our network of reputable, specialized manufacturers. This ensures that your products always meet the applicable requirements and that you receive them on time.


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